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Nivala is a comfortable and lively town with over 10 000 inhabitants located on the border of Central and Northern Ostrobothnia, along the Kalajoki river.  Wide and carefully managed fields reach out along both sides of the river valley around the town center and the Pidisjärvi lake on the southern edge adds livens up the area.  Nivala is located on former sea bottom. After the Ice Age, the post-glacial uplift in the region has been about 80 cm in one hundred years.  The total area of Nivala is 537 km².  Nivala is situated at the crossroad of the 28 Kokkola-Kajaani main road and Finland’s longest city railroad Ylivieska-Iisalmi.  The nearest airport at Kokkola-Pietarsaari is slightly over one hour away.

Nivala is a rural town and is one of Finland’s top localities in milk and meat production.  These days, the majority of the people living in Nivala gain their livelihood in the service sector, slightly over 30 per cent in industry and about 20 per cent in primary production, mainly through agriculture.


In Nivala’s Industrial Park - the largest in Finland, there are about one hundred enterprises and a thousand work places.  The local businesses operate in international markets and are among the top of Finland, and the construction industry is strong.  The main fields of industry in Nivala are high technology, wood and metal.  In the Technology Centre Nitek, there are high technology enterprises, education and development organizations.  The Kerttu Saalasti Institute, a regional unit of Oulu University, does notable micro-enterprise and metal research.


The town is known for its nationally noteworthy persons and historical events: Kyösti Kallio, the fourth president of Finland (1937-1940), and his daughter Kerttu Saalasti, Minister of Education (1954-1956, 1957), who contributed to the establishment of Oulu University.  In 1932, the peasant uprising ‘Horse Rebellion’ took place in Nivala.  Nivala was likely named after its first inhabitant Niva-Kaija, who settled down in the 16th century in the area of Kalajoki county church  parish.  Prior to the name “Nivala” being established in 1868, it was Pidisjärvi, named after the lake.  Nivala achieved town status in 1992.


There are plenty of good opportunities for education and leisure time activities.  There are 11 elementary level comprehensive schools, one “middle school” comprehensive school and one upper secondary school (high school).  The vocational education center ‘Jedu’ offers many sided vocational education for the youth and adults.  The music, dance, and community college provide enthusiasts with opportunities for development.  The sports Centre Uikko brings the townspeople together for sport and exercise.  Leisure time activities are supplemented by sports and football (soccer) fields, arena for Finnish baseball ’pesäpallo’, several disc golf courses and ice hockey rinks and an 18-hole golf course.


Uikon Taikaa, ’Uikko Magic’ town festival and Kapina-Viikko ’Rebellion-Week’, named after the peasant uprising, both in July, are full of events, a many-sided program, culture and sports.  The library offers reading experiences and there are art exhibitions in the Tillari art gallery all year round.


Nivala has the spirit of doing things.  Entrepreneurship, work and quality services are valued here.  We are proud of our roots and you are most welcome to Nivala!


Distances and travelling times from Nivala:     
Kokkola 100 km         1 h 10 min   
Oulu                        160 km         2 h   
Kajaani                   150 km         1 h 50 min   
Ylivieska                    28 km         25 min   
Haapajärvi                 27 km         25 min   
Iisalmi                  130 km         1 h 30 min   
Helsinki                  490 km         5 h 35 min   
Rovaniemi             390 km         4 h 35 min   (at the Arctic Circle)         
Important phone numbers and addresses for visitors:     
Map service of Nivala town  
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Weather in Nivala                
Emergency number (in Finland)   112  
Health care centre                    tel. 08 419 6500 Pappilantie 1 
Pharmacy                                    tel. 08 445 8600 Kalliontie 27 
Taxi tel. 0100 85588 at Keskustie 
Post office service (in connection with S-Market) Kalliontie 19   
Town hall, brochures                tel. 040 344 7211 Kalliontie 15 
Nivala town library, internet, reading room, brochures tel. 040 344 7347 Kalliontie 21
Nivala railway stop  Asematie 20 
Nivala bus station  at Toritie 
Sports Centre Uikko      Kalliontie 57 
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The nearest airports are: Kokkola-Pietarsaari, Oulu and Kajaani.   


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